Photo credit: Cordelia Ostler

Photo credit: Cordelia Ostler


  • Bronze - Cannes Mobile Lions 2011 - Best Integrated Campaign Led by Mobile - Budweiser Ice Cold Index
  • Winner - IAB Creative Showcase Sep 2011 - Budweiser Ice Cold Index
  • Gold - NYF Awards 2010: Automobiles - VW GTi Project 
  • Bronze - NYF Awards 2010: Microsite - VW GTi Project 
  • Silver - IAB MIXX Awards 2010: Games - VW GTi Project 
  • Winner - NMA Effectiveness Award 2010: Consumer Goods - VW GTi Project
  • Gold - One Show Interactive 2010: Durable goods - VW People’s Reviewer
  • Nominee - Webby Awards 2010: Automotive - VW GTi Project
  • Site of the Day - FWA May 2009 - VW GTi Project
  • Site of the Month - FWA May 2009 - VW GTi Project
  • Finalist - Campaign Big Awards 2009: Interactive - VW GTi Project 
  • Silver - LIA Awards 2009: Microsite - VW GTi Project 
  • Bronze - LIA Awards 2009: Online Games - VW GTi Project 
  • Winner - IAB Creative Showcase Oct 2009 - VW People’s Reviewer
  • Campaign of the Month - NMA Jun 2009 - VW GTi Project 
  • 1st Runner up - IAB Creative Showcase Jun 2009 - VW GTi Project
  • ‘Best Motor Manufacturer for Purchase Intent’ - Autotrader Click Awards 2009 -
  • Official Honoree for ‘Best Navigation/Structure’ - Webby Awards 2009 -
  • Silver - APG Awards 2009 -
  • Winner - IAB Creative Showcase Feb 2008 -

Early adopter creds

  • 1977 Bought a Bell cycle helmet. Felt self-conscious for wearing it but wore it anyway.
  • 1981 Bought a Sony Walkman on  a trip to Japan. Felt self-conscious for wearing headphones on the tube but wore them anyway.
  • 1982 Followed the home computer revolution and bought a BBC Microcomputer.
  • 1984 Bought Apple Macintosh a few month after it was invented.
  • 1986 Began watching a little-known cycle race called Tour de France
  • 1993 Acquired Internet access and discovered Mosaic.
  • 1993 Discovered Wired at Compendium Books. It changed my life.
  • 1996 Took Masters in new field of Cognitive Science.
  • 1997 Bought Apple Newton even though Steve Jobs despised it.
  • 1999 Rode to work on semi-recumbent bicycle so that I could pull up alongside drivers at eye level.
  • 2000 Became an Information Architect (it sounded cool).
  • 2008 Rebranded Tribal's IA Dept to the UX Dept (it sounded cooler than IA).
  • 2010 Bought an iPad on release day: I knew it was going to be big.
  • 2015 Bought an electric car: ditto.

I'm an award-winning user researcher and cognitive designer with 18 years’ agency experience.

I am proud to have been judged qualified to work at DDB for ten years. Its founder Bill Bernbach famously had two recruitment criteria: you had to be talented --- and you had to be nice. 

During my time at Tribal DDB I developed an intimate familiarity with Volkswagen UK’s web presence, along with several other major consumer brands.

Prior to that I was an architectural and design journalist, before taking a Masters with Distinction in Cognitive Science and working as an AI programmer in Prolog.

Before that I was an architect and studio design tutor at the Oxford School of Architecture.

The common motivation driving all these activities is that I am fascinated with identifying the underlying order behind apparently disorganised situations..


Tim's work is excellent. He is a true authority in his field (I happen to know that his IA on Volkswagen has been used as a 'best in class' example by Accenture) who applies the same level of quality and completeness of approach to absolutely every project. From a landing page, to a mobile app, to a multi million pound site build. He always engages fully and drives excellence.

"And he is a lovely guy to work with, he always expresses himself calmly, backs his arguments with support, and is reasoned and flexible enough to create alternative answers.

"He is a superb mentor for those entering UX, never too busy to help and educate and a great person to have in the team, always working collaboratively, both within projects and across depts.”  - Ben Clapp, Executive Creative Director

"Tim was one of the people responsible for setting up the UX offering at Tribal Worldwide London. He has a vast amount of experience in the domain of User Experience and Research. He actively contributed to the department and was an inspiration to others as a guide and mentor.  A valued and trusted employee." - Sally Boulton, Head of Talent at Tribal Worldwide London

Tim is one of the deepest thinkers I have ever worked with. Given a simple project that a junior could do, you will get great work. Given something groundbreaking or innovative you will get something award-winning. Tim gave definitions for the Volkswagen Owners section that 18 months later we (were) still working towards. His role of Research Director is well earned.” - Sebastian Shaw, Senior Project Manager

Tim was an absolute pleasure to work with. Always considerate yet pragmatic, his cooperative and engaging demeanour helped foster some great ideas and effective applications.” - William Greenly, Volkswagen Technical Lead

 “I had the pleasure of working with Tim as part of the huge website development project that was undertaken during my time at Tribal DDb. Tim was a Senior User Experience Architect working across my projects. Tim has to be one of the most dedicated and thorough UEAs I have ever worked with. Tim's attention to detail and indepth subject knowledge is unparalleled and a real asset to any team. Tim always went above and beyond the call of duty in his deliverables and was an excellent asset to arm myself with when attending client presentations - Tim always had the answer! Aside from his professional capabilities, Tim is a really lovely man with a great personality and it was a pleasure to have worked as part of the same project team for 9 months. I recommend Tim without hesitation.” - Louise Gordon, Senior Project Manager

“Tim is incredibly thorough in his work approach and I enjoyed working with him because you always knew that with Tim on your projects you were in safe hands. A few of Tim's greatest qualities are his endless patience, attention to detail and his hard work ethic. We worked on a couple of difficult projects but thanks to Tim's UX insight the end result was what it should be - great!” - Rosie Lee, Senior Project Manager

"Tim's real 'architecture' background gave a deep level of insight and understanding to his digital information architecture making his work faultless and a pleasure to work with." - Greg Jarrett, Head of UX at William Hill

"Tim was a pleasure to work with. Experienced, creative and a great lateral thinker. The industry needs more Tim Ostlers!" - Tom Adams, Global Head of Strategy, FutureBrand Worldwide

"Tim worked with us for several months as an IA on the development of web e-forms for a large London Borough. He was able to grasp complex business requirements and translate them into easy to follow web forms for the public. His expertise and attention to detail impressed us all and led to us coming up with a consistent style and user experience that was rolled out across all our web forms." - Matt Tavani, Program & Project Manager at JourneyOne

"Tim worked with us at Usability by Design on a high profile project spanning 3 - 4 months. Tim was extremely professional, producing work of the highest calibre. His approach to the project and the client was the most significant factor in the project's success." Graham Uff - UX Manager at Vodafone

"I worked directly with Tim on a major wealth-management product in 2001. Tim was a very effective manager and, more importantly, a mentor to me. In my opinion, Tim's greatest strength is his ability to pull back from task level and conceptualize a project strategically. Tim was never satisfied to just "get it done". He sought to innovate wherever possible. I would recommend him highly." - Mike O'Toole, VP, Delivery and Platform at CivicScience





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