Research overview

Curiosity is in my blood. Every phase of my career has been marked by a passion for exploring avenues and following hunches. Correspondingly I have carried out qualitative user research throughout my career as an information architect, usability consultant and user experience architect. Eventually in 2014 after several years as Deputy Head and Director of User Experience at Tribal I was appointed Research Director, with a specific brief for both early stage (discovery) and late stage (validation) user research on client projects.

I found this refreshing: instead of being permitted to implement user goals only where permitted by business goals, for the first time my primary responsibility was simply to discover and relay the truth. 

I began by compiling an audit of all common research methodologies and how they fit within the project process. This informed my approach to selling research as an activity within Tribal.

Recent work

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Research plans

Expert reviews

Mental Model development

Features Validation tests

A form of test we developed using description,  mockups and prototypes as a straw man to assess how much various features were valued by customers

Remote usability testing

Bipolar Emotional Response Tests

Guerilla testing

  • MyVW customer app guerrilla usability testing 

Reverse card sort/tree testing

Stakeholder interviews

  • VW Retailers

User interviews

  • VW Customer App

Usability benchmark testing

  • Development of the Tribal Retail Index: benchmark index with 50 leading e-commerce sites rated for usability and best practices

Competitor benchmark reviews

  • VW Customer App