My Volkswagen

As part of an initiative to enhance customer loyalty and engagement, VW tasked us to look at how we could create a more personalised experience for owners.

This was a fascinating challenge as it provided an opportunity to examine how the customer relationship could be expanded beyond just the sales or even the servicing experience.  

The main outcome was to be the formation of "My Volkswagen" areas in the site where owners could store details of their ordered or current cars and manage various aspects of ownership like booking a service with their favoured retailer, be reminded about upcoming renewals, find out information about their car and be informed about recalls.

Previously I had proposed that VW must become part of the ownership infrastructure, and one of the measures I suggested to this end should be a "VW Key Fob", which would take the form of an mobile app,  a desktop widget, a Facebook application and a distinct widget within MyVolkswagen.

Meanwhile the different phases of VW ownership suggested a time-based content strategy: